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Enya Basics 24cm (10 pads)

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10 Pads 

24 cm Regular Pads


What is Subscription?

When you subscribe to Enya, your card will be auto-renewed based on the delivery frequency (15 days; 30 days; 45 days; 90 days) chosen. Alternatively, you are able to skip or cancel your subscription anytime, anywhere.

Made with 100% Organic Cotton

Harvested and grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, we chose cotton at its purest form specially for our down unders! Our vaginal skin is highly permeable, hence it is more prone to sensitivity.

Organic cotton is more “ breathable ” and skin-friendly for your sensitive region, placing our period pads as one of the highly preferred conscious choices among women.

Product Description

  • 10 Pads  |  24 cm Regular Flow
  • Hypoallergenic surface to reduce the risks of irritation and allergy
    • Ultra-thin pads with wings
    • Great absorbency for daily active use
      • Adhesive strip for a security fit


        Our products are free of:

        • Fragrances, Chlorine, Paraben, Toxic adhesive


          RM10 for West Malaysia

          RM14 for East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak)

          Return policy

          Due to the nature of the products, we are unable to accept any returns once an order has been delivered. However, if you are unsatisfied with our product, and would like to leave a personal improvement review, feel free to send it to

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 38 reviews
          Brilliant as Usual! But I Have 2 Tiny Complaints?

          I've been subscribed for years now and it's awesome. I actually prefer these basics over the premium which I find to be way too long for me and the wings are at a weird place? The basic is better proportioned (for me). The only downside is the padding veers a little bit more to one side so it's a bit off center when placed in the underwear, which means it can wedge up in the side with less padding. A small pet peeve of mine. Not all batches are like this but quite a few of them are. I'm guessing it's a factory thing. Also the wings could be a little longer, by which I mean, the could stick out a little more (or at least have the glue be closer to the edge), because with the size they are now, they often stick onto the lacy part of the panties, right at the pantyline, and when you take it off, the glue part tears away and stays sticking to the lace (if there is lace, which there often is) and it's a pain to scrape it off so it would be great if the glue could be further out. I feel like this is a more recent problem, not sure what changed in production to cause this. Again a super small tiny complaint but they are on the pricier side so here's some feedback if needed. Still excellent, I've no intention of ending my subscription anytime soon. 5 stars!

          Bye bye rashes!

          I used to have rashes during period and not anymore after using ENYA ❤️

          Nabilah Kamaruzaman
          My pads for nearly 2 years!

          I'm so attached with Enya for the past 2 years after I had a very sensitive skin issue. Enya helps to reduce my sensitive skin issue compare to other sanitary pads. I love this pads as it is quite thin and of course the sealable packaging!

          Ethel C
          Comfy and breathable sanitary pads

          I really like how comfortable Enya's pads make me feel to the point that I sometimes forget I'm wearing them. There are some commercial brands where the pad feels either slightly scratchy or retains body heat which can be quite uncomfortable to wear. Also, I'm a big fan of Enya's unscented sanitary pads as I do not like scented pads at all.

          Personally, on my heavier days, these basic 24cm pads work decently although there may be a little bit of leakage if I sleep in them. There could also be improved QC as there are times where there may be one wing missing adhesive. This is quite rare and has only happened once or twice in my year and a half using Enya. Overall, still a highly recommended product.

          Gigi Sow Chi Yee
          Adhesive is too sticky

          The adhesive on the wings sticks on to my underwear when i remove the pads. It will tear and is hard to remove.