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Enya Premium

MIX BOX    |    12 PCS

Regular & Heavy flow


Enya Basics

10 PCS 

Regular flow




The most highly requested item on our period product line.

100% organic cotton pantyliners  

for both daily use and lighter menstrual flow is FINALLY HERE.

For pre & post period days, that is. 

Welcome to the family, you small ....witty thing. 


🌿 100% Organic Cotton Topsheet


You are natural, so should your period products be.

Made with 100% Organic Cotton topsheet that’s safe for sensitive skin, that means no bulls*t. 

Our pads are

✓ FREE of Fragrances, Toxins, Paraben, Harsh chemicals

✓ Gynaecologist recommended

✓ Breathable

✓ Suitable for sensitive skin

✨We've Got You Covered


Hello pads, meet the internet.

For a monthly hassle-free experience, we deliver our high-quality and premium period pads straight to your doorstep. 

Yes, we've only got three products for now, but trust me... they're amazing.



Join our team to spark inclusive conversations about periods and women's health.

Got questions about periods and health ? We've got your back & we also love to write. 

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Real Reviews By REAL WOMEN


"I'm so shocked how the thin the pad is even for the Night pad. But it did not leak a bit even during heavy flows.. and I have never seen such RED stain before.Im totally sold with this product :) Gonna keep subscribing! Happy to support local 🙂  Hopefully you guys will come up with your own pantyliner products in the future."

Sandra G


"I tried @enyawomen before and it feels like I don't wear pads at all! It's so soft, comfortable and if you experience itchiness, this will help you sbb it's free of Fragrances, Chlorine, Paraben & Toxic adhesive. Plus, heavy flow pun tak leak!"



"i've had really bad allergies reaction using ordinary pads this past months, every month i'm worried trying to get solutions, enya really saves me thank u so much for coming up with this pads <3<3<3" 



"I'm in love with Enya Basic 😍 skrg i dah tukar kpda organic pad ! Bukan senang nak cari pad yang betul betul memenuhi citarasa kita terutamanya yg ada mslh sensitive skin like me. Setiap kali datang bulan mesti rasa rimas, gatal dan tak selesa sampai nak pakai jeans pun tak boleh. Tapi dengan Enya EVERYTHING IS PERFECT! 💯"



"I'm so glad I tried Enya Premium! That holographic packaging stole my heart :) initially I was scared that the thinness of the pad won't hold for overnight but it surprised me and my bed did not stain like usual! Hallelujah people! Thank you for this wonderful product and for making it safe with organic cotton. I didn't even know about the harmful chemicals in commercial pads"