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Menstrual Heating Patch (3pcs)

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For Menstrual Cramp Relief.

Ah those warm, toasty hugs would be nice.

Relieve menstrual cramps and muscle tension for ultimate comfort with Enya's compostable heating patches. One box contains 3 heat patches. So long, cramps 

* 3 Patches | 8 x 10 cm
* 60°C maximum
* Up to 5 hours of usage
* Individually wrapped
* Heats up when exposed to air
* Easy-to-use, convenient and portable
* Eco-friendly & compostable
* Adhesive to put on over garments for on-the-go use

MADE WITH : Iron powder, vermiculite, salt, activated charcoal, water


Takes 5-10 minutes to heat up to an ideal, therapeutic temperature to promote blood flow and ease muscle tension. 

Enya’s heating patches are made with non-toxic ingredients for maximum comfort and relief. Contents of the patches can be emptied onto soil and are great for your plant babies too!


  1. Tear off packaging. When exposed to air, the patch will heat up by itself.
  2. Peel and paste onto underwear or directly onto abdomen area according to heat preference.
  3. Alternatively you may also apply the adhesive side on the inner side of your underwear.
  4. Advisable to remove the patch after every hour of use to rest your skin. Prolonged contact with low heat may cause burns.




RM10 for West Malaysia

RM14 for East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jane Doe

Menstrual Heating Patch (3pcs)

Athirah Ihsan

Menstrual Heating Patch (3pcs)

Save My Day!

pertama kali cuba saja dah suka sangat. sangat selesa patch ni. panas pun elok je. dah tak perlu tuam² dah. pakai ni pun dah boleh tido nyenyak.

Wendy Tong
Better than the pharmacy ones

Thank you for this. I always have cramps and I lazy to put hot water bottle.. I mean its good to wear this when im driving. But need to make sure to remove it once in a while, it can get quite hot if not careful.

Super good and exceeded my expectations!

I decided to try it out instead of using my usual lavender pillow (because it had to be reheated once in a while, which I was too lethargic to do so). It really worked well, which was sjrlrksisince it wasn't as hot as my usual pillow, but still warm enough to ease my cramps. Would definitely repurchase for its convenience, not to mention how it's eco friendly!