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Enya Plus Overnight 35cm (8pcs)

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8 Pads

350mm Extra Large Pads

Enya Plus Organic Cotton Overnight / Maternity Pads (100% ORGANIC COTTON) 

Meet the only pad in our family that cuddles you in bed. 
Crafted with organic cotton that is suitable for women with heavier flow, the highly requested Enya Plus+ has been on the works to give you a good night's sleep. 

Made with 100% Organic Cotton

Harvested and grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, we chose cotton at its purest form specially for our down unders! Our vaginal skin is highly permeable, hence it is more prone to sensitivity.

Organic cotton is more “ breathable ” and skin-friendly for your sensitive region, placing our period pads as one of the highly preferred conscious choices among women.

Product Description

  • 350mm Heavy / Extra Heavy Flow
  • Hypoallergenic surface to reduce the risks of irritation and allergy
    • Ultra-thin pads with wings
    • Super absorbency of  150ml (10 tbsp)
      • Perfect for overnight or maternity use adhesive strip for a security fit

      Our products are free of:

      • Fragrances, Chlorine, Paraben, Toxic adhesive


      RM10 for West Malaysia

      RM14 for East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak)

      Return policy

      Due to the nature of the products, we are unable to accept any returns once an order has been delivered. However, if you are unsatisfied with our product, and would like to leave a personal improvement review, feel free to send it to

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Rasa selesa dan selamat :)

      Saya tak sangka Enya Plus Overnight sangat menyerap untuk hari-hari yang ada heavy flow. Saya rasa selesa dan selamat nak tidur malam.

      Rina Farisya
      Simply the best

      Enya Plus Overnight has been my go-to for the heavy period days. It's not easy to put your trust in such a thin pad but it truly won me over seeing how much blood it was able to absorb. Not to mention, because it's so thin, it doesn't even feel like you're wearing it! Staining my underwear days are long gone. Will always stay in my subscription package.

      Red spots on bedsheet? Say no more!

      I haven't experienced any leaking whether at night during sleep time or in daylight after using Enya Plus Overnight


      I'm always the type of person who needs very long pads at night... if not I'll leak... and sooo happy that enya came out with this!!!

      Also, i've a very sensitive skin & tbh I always have issues with itch & redness whenever I'm on my period... but after enya, NOTHINGGG! so happy that enya's here 💛