6 Self-Care Products To Help You Look And Feel Great This Holiday Season

6 Self-Care Products To Help You Look And Feel Great This Holiday Season

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2020 has definitely been a tough year, but that doesn't mean we can't try to end it on a positive note

With the pandemic keeping us all at home for the most part of the year, it's totally understandable that we're feeling stressed and anxious. That's why it's important to practise self-care.

During these trying times, self-care may not seem like a priority, but even doing small things can go a long way in helping to ease your mind and improve your mental well-being. You should never feel bad for taking some time to take care of yourself.


Self-care is different for everyone. It's all about what makes YOU feel good.

Looking for some self-care products? Check out these amazing ones from the finalists of the Alliance Bank-EcoWorld BizSmart® Challenge 2020:

1. Berau by Benak Raya - Give your skin some extra tender loving care

Image via Berau by Benak Raya

Wanna pamper yourself with a home spa day? Then Berau by Benak Raya is perfect for you.

Both the Scrub Beras Merah and Scrub Beras Hitam are high-quality, all-natural facial scrubs, made from rice that has been hand-grown by farmers using traditional techniques.

Enjoy the affordable luxury and give your skin some extra love. Light up some scented candles and you're all set for a glorious night of pampering.

Get more info here.

2. Enya’s Menstrual Heating Patch - Make that time of the month an indulgent one

Image via Enya

Ughhh, period cramps are THE WORST, amirite ladies? And there's nothing more soothing for those pesky cramps than a heat pack.

With Enya's Menstrual Heating Patch, you can leave that awful uncomfortable feeling behind, and enjoy a warm and cosy Christmas this year. It even comes in a bundle of three, so you can pakat with your friends to buy together, or give the extra ones as gifts to your loved ones.

Get more info here.

3. Lips Carpenter: Get that stunning holiday look with personalised lipsticks and other awesome beauty products

Image via Lips Carpenter

When you look good, you'll feel good too!

Lips Carpenter truly lets you flaunt your personal style through their natural and sustainable beauty products. You can customise their environmentally-friendly lipsticks by choosing your preferred colour, scent, intensity, casing, and even name engraving!

Plus, they have lots of other lip and face products that are made with natural ingredients and come in eco-friendly gift packaging.

Image via Lips Carpenter

They have bundles ranging from RM48 to RM138 that will make for lovely Christmas gifts, or you can totally buy them for yourself too hehe.

Check them out here.

4. Hijab for Traveller: Stay safe while looking stylish with their colourful face masks

Image via Hijab for Traveller

Hijab for Traveller offers face masks in a variety of fun colours, to match any outfit and perfectly complement your #OOTD. These reusable masks have filters inside them, and can be used for up to 100 washes.

Plus, Hijab for Traveller has collaborated with LilyKhay to bring you an awesome promo. You can now get a Hijab for Traveller face mask and five pairs of LilyKhay Beauty Eyelashes for only RM50. The first 100 customers will even receive a RM5 voucher!

Get more info here.

5. Diva Scarf: Look chic without compromising on your comfort

Image via Diva Scarf

With Diva Scarf's tudungs that are specifically made for our tropical weather, you'll look fabulous and stay cool and comfy all day long!

Their cotton tudung bawal comes in various designs to suit all your fashion needs. Whether you wanna keep it simple, or rock something fancy, they've got you covered.

Their signature #BawalTanpaSeterika is the most comfy and affordable tudung bawal in town. You can use the promo code 'SAVE10' to get 10% off.

Get more info here.

6. AOne - Empower yourself with new knowledge and skills

Image via AOne (Facebook)

Sometimes, picking up a new skill or two can actually make you feel good about yourself. For some people, gaining new knowledge and enhancing personal development can help them feel more productive, which is also a part of self-care.

AOne will help you do just that. With classes covering various topics, from academics and recreational to health and wellness, this skill-sharing portal connects those who wish to teach with those who love to learn!

They currently have a promo, in which you can get 1 FREE trial of Singapore Maths Classes and RM50 off registration fee.

Get more info here.

Image via AOne

And that's just some of the cool products and services from the finalists of the Alliance Bank-EcoWorld BizSmart Challenge 2020, there are lots more you can check out

With the aim of helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses further, this challenge sees various Malaysian SMEs challenging each other in real-world business tasks.

Since 2013, the Alliance Bank-EcoWorld BizSmart Challenge has helped over 130 Malaysian businesses thrive and come up with products that are making a difference in people's lives.

This year marks the sixth instalment of the challenge. More than 500 submissions were received, all vying for the chance to bring their business to the next level. From this, the 22 finalists of the season were recently announced.

Click here to learn more about the Alliance Bank-EcoWorld BizSmart Challenge and the 22 finalists.

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