Why is Enya Basics free?!

Why is Enya Basics free?!

You: Hold up, hold up… you mean to tell me that my pads… are free?
Enya: YES


You heard that right sister. Click here and get your free period pad. BUT. Aha…. There’s always a but, isn’t there?

Enya Basics is a subscription product, whereby the product is free but you only pay for postage fee.

This means depending on how frequent you want your pads to be delivered (either every 15/30/45 days), your card will be auto charged/billed simply for us to get the pads to you. As part of our T&C, when you subscribe to Enya Basics, you give consent and authorize on a monthly basis for auto-billing and auto-deliver.

You: But how can it be free?


Here’s the best part. Our Enya Basics is a free product because:

It is part of our initiative & support towards providing quality organic feminine products to all women.

We want you to make more holistic lifestyle decisions and understand that every aspect of your body deserves the best care. Just like how our skin deserves to be slathered on with lotion to prevent it from being dehydrated, our vaginas also need to be given the best love. If you didn’t know, our vaginas are highly permeable, which means whatever comes into contact with that part of the skin rushes into our bloodstream almost immediately. Hence why Enya only serves organic cotton sanitary pads for you. 

As you’ve heard us yap on and on about how it is more skin-friendly, we believe that pads are a necessity, not a luxury. And voila, it is free. By paying only postage fee, we ease your burden of having to make a trip to the pharmacy or convenience store. It’s free for your convenience and accessibility. 

Enya’s got you covered boo.

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