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文+整理:Eugein / 图:品牌提供 每次“大姨妈”来访,贴心小助手无疑是卫生棉。但是很多女性使用一次性卫生棉都会遇到闷热出现痕痒不舒服的情况。 For full article coverage, click here to read more !

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by Jeanette Goon |  Elaine Hong had been working in fast-fashion for three years when she discovered how many chemicals are used in the production of certain textiles like cotton. She then decided to quit her job in search of a more sustainable solution.  After working for a social enterprise for almost two years, she realised that there was a need for innovation in the area of sanitary products. Driven by her own need for organic cotton sanitary pads as well as her love for fabric composition, she decided to kickstart ENYA with the goal of innovating on the fabrics...

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