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Sanitary pad brands in Malaysia written by The Happy Hormones - March 30, 2021. It’s 2021 and aren’t we normalising periods, menstruation (whatever you name it) already?  From Big Aunty, Red Flag, Shark Week, Bulan (Moon Time) to ‘time of the month’, there are many ways just to avoid saying the word ‘period’.  Anything regarding menstruation in Malaysia is still a taboo subject – We came across an incident where a man faced some hostility for buying pads for her wife.  We, girls, absolutely have experienced when our friends lend us pads, either within seconds it will be in our pockets or it...

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Kuala Lumpur, 4 April 2020 – Enya is launched as Malaysia’s first digital period care company to offer a monthly subscription service. The company’s core vision is to provide quality care to all women using tech-enabled convenience. ENYA first entered the market earlier this year in conjunction with International Women’s Day. It has quickly expanded across Singapore with many women and influencers following them. The company’s vision is to provide quality care to women everywhere starting with sanitary pads made with organic cotton. Enya has since captivated women’s loyalty with its millennial-courting aesthetics, no-fragrance organic cotton pads and recently – its...

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