16 Questions You Ask Only When You’re On Your Period

16 Questions You Ask Only When You’re On Your Period

And also when you’re not. But we try not to think about our period when she’s not here yet, right?

There’s a lot of questions that we have about our periods — Why this? Why blood? Why now? Why pain? If not pregnant good, why period pain?!

Still, with all those questions come surprising answers. What we thought was fact could be fiction! So here are the answers you might be looking for:


1. Are having periods expensive?


And not just because of sanitary products. What?! Research shows that women are more likely to spend impulsively right before their period comes.

We can definitely blame PMS for that. When we feel down, there is a huge possibility that we want to treat ourselves with a shopping spree, let’s be real.

But we're always here to provide you with FREE Enya Basics to take off a little pressure on your bank account. Wink wonk.


2. Can I just skip my period?


And it’s safe! There are a number of hormonal treatments to safely and effectively skip periods, including birth control pills, IUD or the Depo Provera injection.

However, if you’re sexually active, there is a slim chance that you might get pregnant when you skip your period. Consult a doctor on this!


3. Can I NOT deal with heavy periods?


Heavy periods are a sign of something wrong. Get yourself checked out by a gynaecologist if you have abnormally heavy periods (go compare with some friends)!


4. Can I bleed from another part of my body during my period?


A rare condition, vicarious menstruation, caused a young girl to have bloody tears during her menstrual cycles. Yikes! But at least she has her Halloween costume on point if she can sync her period up.

Besides that, people with endometriosis might have nosebleeds, triggered by the same period hormones.


5. Does the weather affect my period?


A study found that ovulation is heightened and menstrual cycles may shorten with sunshine and warm weather. Temperatures may also play a part in how you feel.

It seems women may experience more period-related symptoms like physical and emotional PMS symptoms as well as more period pain in cold weather. Get warm and cosy with a heat patch, my girls!

This might be related to low vitamin D (that we get from the sun) and low thyroid function (that worsens with low temperatures). Low thyroid = heavier periods = more period pain.

Perhaps it’s a blessing to live in hot and humid Malaysia, after all.


6. Does exercise actually help with cramps?


So far, studies have been inconclusive but some say getting active does seem to help them cope with cramps. But don’t overwork your body in hope of getting rid of the pain either. Honour your period and let your body rest before she comes back with a vengeance.

Have you tried exercising on your period? How is it?


7. Have periods actually caused shark attacks?

Fortunately, NO.

Use a tampon if you want to get into the water to protect from blood seeping out. Water pressure can only do so much. But just to assure you, there are no published cases of shark attacks due to periods.


8. Does my period stop in water?


Even though my professional swimmer friend has told me that she dives right into the pool when she’s on her period, it doesn’t stop the shedding. The water may only slow down or temporarily stop the blood from flowing out. If you do try this, make sure the washrooms are nearby when you get out of the pool cos you gotta RUN FORREST RUN.


9. Can having my period trigger my asthma symptoms?


You may notice that your symptoms get worse during your period if you have asthma. Perimenstrual asthma affects around 19-40% of women with asthma. Their bodies are more sensitive to allergens and their lung capacity shrinks during periods, besides the changes in estrogen levels.


10. Am I pregnant if I am having my period?


While getting your period is a sign of not being pregnant, you can get pregnant during your period, especially for those with shorter cycles. Sperm can live in the body after sex for up to five days, so on the off-chance that you are fertile during that period — sis, u pregs.

Not just that, bleeding can be a sign of early pregnancy! Spotting can happen when an embryo implants into the uterine lining. You might mistake this for a short and light period but it’s best you have a quick check with a home pregnancy test.


11. Can I get pregnant if my period is irregular?


Irregular periods does not necessarily translate to infertility. There are many other reasons why as you get older. Consult your doctor about that.

12. Is it normal if my cycle is longer than 28 days?


A normal menstrual cycle is 21-35 days long. 28 days is just the average, as the average ovulation is every 14 days.

Changes in stress, activity and diet can definitely cause changes to your cycle. The length of your cycle may shorten as you get older too!

13. Is it true that I am having a ‘fake’ period when I’m on birth control?


Birth control pills stops your body from having normal fluctuations of hormones, so you do not ovulate. BUT, the placebo pills causes a drop in hormones, mimicking the natural hormone withdrawal that happens before a period.

Your body still has a period, shedding the uterine lining due to the drop of hormone levels — just that it wasn’t a natural ovulation that causes it.

14. Is it true that my cycle syncs up with my friends’ if we spend a lot of time together?


Recent studies found this very unlikely. On the occasion that your period does sync up with your BFFs, it is just plain ol’ coincidence.

It is just more common for cycles to diverge over time.

15. Is it normal to be less focused during my period?


Now that’s a great excuse lol. Women have low estrogen levels before and during their periods, which can cause brain function to be less focused and more foggy.

Sorry I can’t answer you right now, period brain fog happening up in here.

16. Will my period stop if I’m underweight?


To menstruate, you actually need a certain body fat percentage and BMI. Women with dangerously low BMI (>18.5) may experience amenorrhea — an absence of periods.

Now, that is not a reason to go on a diet. It basically means your body deems you so unhealthy that you cannot have a baby.



Have you ever had any of these questions? Do you have more? Let us know in the comments or on our Instagram @enyawomen!


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