The Strangest Period Myths Malaysians Believe

The Strangest Period Myths Malaysians Believe

Growing up in Malaysia, you're bound to have heard of these ridiculous period myths, so we're here to debunk these myths or tell you whether they're true or not!


1. "You shouldn't wash your hair during your period"

Who told you this? Let me just give them a... nevermind. Hygiene has never been more important than ever during your menstruation! Go ahead and give your hair the washing it needs, besides it can be extremely therapeutic - just think of it like washing all the stress of that week away.



2. "You can pass out from period blood loss"

Period blood actually looks like way more than it is. On average, you only lose about two to three tablespoons of blood every time you menstruate, so that's about 10-80ml of blood. So unless you get very heavy periods (menorrhagia), there’s no need to worry about being weak – although other symptoms like PMS can affect your overall wellbeing.

However, if you are one of the 10% of women who get heavy periods, and your flow is super substantial that you feel faint or dizzy when you stand up, discuss this with your doctor. There have been cases of women fainting, so don't take this lightly!



3. "Exercising during your period is bad for you"

The answer is quite the opposite. You are recommended to exercise during your period because it can help ease menstrual cramps. Perhaps not strenuous activities. Switch up your usual HIIT class for a yoga/pilates class. It's a great mood booster and can help alleviate the pain.



4. "Cold drinks will make cramps worse"

Although there is some anecdotal evidence to suggest that cold drinks may make period cramps worse, there’s little hard science surrounding the issue. As a result, I would suggest that a cold glass of orange juice or a refreshing glass of water is pretty safe at this time. 

That being said, there are a number of cold drinks you should try to stay clear of during your period. For example, alcohol can dehydrate you which can make symptoms like cravings and fatigue more pronounced. Also, sugar-filled drinks like Coca-Cola and lemonade can cause energy levels to spike rapidly and then decline thus making you feel lethargic. We know fatigue is a big problem for women on their periods so it’s best not to make the problem worse by fuelling up on your favourite soda!

As for the period myth, a few Chinese studies have revealed that drinking cold water will lead to reduced temperature in the intestines which will make it difficult for the intestines to absorb nutrients. Additionally, drinking cold water can also lead to acne problems.

MYTH / TRUTH [This is your call to your cultural beliefs]


Comment below what period myths you have heard of growing up!


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