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She's here, huh? And you're down in the dumps again. But that's nothing a good ol' cozy movie night can't fix.

Paste on Enya's heating patch, grab those snacks you've been craving and snuggle up! Here's 10 movies & shows to uplift your spirits!

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Discharge is the fluid produced by glands inside the vagina to keep it healthy, helping to carry away dead cells and bacteria.

Thus, it's important to check your discharge regularly as changes may mean something is not quite right.

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It's the unsolicited cramps for me 🧚✨ 

How many of you feel attacked by menstrual cramps despite doing everything in your power to prevent it? Truly buffoonery at its finest 🙃 

Still, if there are ways to reduce the pain, even just a little bit, it's worth a try, right?

Here are 10 ways to deal with menstrual cramps during your time of the month.

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Before we got to the age of sanitary pads, menstrual cup and tampons, how did our ancestors managed menstruation? In the current day and age, we are bombarded with different choices to deal with our periods. From organic cotton pads to menstrual cups, we can even get pads delivered straight to your door now! With technological advancement, people’s view towards menstruation are also changing. Hopefully, with the help of social media we could break the taboo of not speaking about menstruation in public or even feel embarrassed about having our monthly body’s natural process.         Ancient Greek...

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Food cravings are real when women are on their period. I know you feel me. If it's not chocolate, ice cream, donuts, it's just something super sugary. We're here to tell you that there are just certain things that you should probably eat and some that may make your menstrual symptoms 1000x worse.

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