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Have you ever thought about how your daughters and granddaughters would deal with periods? Will they use the same sanitary pads as we do or will menstrual cups become a norm?

Even though not much has changed since the early days of period products in the 1900s (that's not that long ago tbh, can you BELIEVE?), there is much to hope for the future of periods!

Right now we see women fighting against period taboos, providing more comprehensive education on women's health, creating sustainable period options and raising awareness about our menstrual health all around. It is a great time to be a woman, as we see change being made by us and the people around us.

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astronaut, essentials, menstruation, period, period blood, period care, period in space, period knowledge, self care, sexual health, women's health -

Yeah, I know what you're thinking — Just have your period lah! But it's not as easy as it seems as there is the issue of zero gravity and with long-term trips up to space, packaging would add mass.

Before women went up into space, astronauts were concerned about retrograde menstruation, that is, where the lack of gravity would cause blood to flow inward instead of outward. Most astronauts experience this with their blood flow that pools in their upper body and head, causing them to have puffy faces and chicken legs, lol.

Fortunately or unfortunately, someone did have their period in outer space and the conclusion: a period in space is the same as a period on Earth. 

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