How To Stay Productive While Working At Home

How To Stay Productive While Working At Home

As everyone practices social distancing worldwide, work doesn't stop for many of us. We applaud the frontliners for their continuous effort, sweat and dedication. But there are still many businesses up and running who can't just stop because of a pandemic.


When we're at home, there's so many distractions all around. From that fridge that's calling us, the TV with Netflix all set up, our mum who just wants our attention, or I'll do you one better... perhaps your own infant. 


Aside from all that, we still have a way to keep us on track and feel motivated and productive working at home. Here's how:


1) Curate your own workspace

Find a quiet space for yourself in your home to do your work. This place has to be away from everyone else and should consist of a desk, your laptop, your phone, a sturdy chair, your notebook, pens - THAT'S IT. Perhaps you can dress it up and decorate with a small potted plant to feel inspired to work.


2) Create a to-do list

When you create a to-do list, whether it's on an Excel sheet or on a sticky note app, having something written on enables a higher level of thinking, thus having a more focused mind. This is because, when your brain isn't busy remembering everything, your brain can actually process and prioritize which task we should focus on. 


3) Take fun breaks

This is absolutely necessary, no questions asked. Employ "The Pomodoro Technique" developed by a gent named Francesco Cirillio in the late 1980's. This time management technique breaks work into 25-minute chunks, interspersed by 5-minute breaks (with a longer one midday).

Maybe plop yourself down at your massage chair at home, be lazy and scroll through your endless feed of social media. Perhaps put on a fun upbeat song and have a good dance break! Or if dancing isn't your thing, rest up on your bed and have quiet reading time. 


4) Dress like you're going to work

I know we have the luxury to stay in our PJ's and sweats when we're working from home, but after talking to a number of people, majority of them agreed that when you dress up and look productive, there's a massive difference in your energy level and motivation throughout the day. Trust. You know that saying? "When you look good, you feel good."


Team Enya wishes everyone to remain safe and healthy during this quarantine period. Here's to brighter days (they are coming, we promise!)

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