Corona Virus Memes To Cheer You Up

Corona Virus Memes To Cheer You Up

Anyone feeling down in the dumps lately being cooped up at home too long?

Simply wanting to run out onto your streets but hold yourself back?

Hearing the news of the death rates increasing?


Yeah everything has just been pretty... sad lately. We don't want this feeling to prolong anymore. Yes, this corona virus is a severely serious matter but who's to say we can't find the light-hearted things to make us laugh?


1. Everyone born in March/April:


2. Wanting to have fun in 2020



3. Me sending my dog out to get groceries because dogs can't contract corona virus


4. Everyone who have cats and hoarded a sh*t ton of toilet paper:



Anyone got any loo rolls??🧻 ##nolooroll ##fyp ##cats ##jump ##meow

♬ Level Up - Ciara

5. Students - Choose Your Fighter


6. When it's been 16 days since you've been outside:


7. Nope, can't remember.


8. When you ask an introvert how's their life during quarantine


9. Me getting food and alcohol delivered during quarantine


10. Me: *Coughs once*

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