20 GIFs That Perfectly Describe Your Period Moods

20 GIFs That Perfectly Describe Your Period Moods



1. When you're having a good time and suddenly your uterus decides to cramp on you:


2. When your period comes and cues the dramatics:


3. When people ask if you're REALLY okay for the 264th time:




5. When you're at the peak of your PMS and want to cut a b*tch:


6. What can I say, I'm a risk taker.


7. When the male species tries to address the "problem":


8. When dudes try to give advice on something they don't have:


9. Packing for a vacation when you're expecting your period be like:


10. When you and your girl gang get your periods at the same time:


11. Getting your period during Christmas be like:


12. When you're wearing white and your period decides to arrive:


13. When you go to the bathroom with your best friend to check your underwear and find out that you need a new pad:


14. Getting one of those terrible period days where you just CAN'T anymore:


15. Lying to men about what periods really are:


16. And getting your friend in on it too:


17. When you get FREE period products like our Enya Basics:


18. When you feel the PMS mood coming and gotta warn everyone in your vicinity: 


19. Finding out how many more periods you need to go through be like:


20. Deciding to wear a pantyliner for those "light flow" days be like:


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